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Medovate wins ‘Medtech Company of the Year’ at Cambridge Independent Awards

Medovate has been awarded ‘Medtech Company of the Year’ at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards for 2022. Based in Cambridge, Medovate is a medical device development vehicle spun


Anaesthesia: Double chalice breaks the blockade

Under anaesthesia, patients are often given muscle-relaxing neuromuscular blockers to make intubations easier and reduce the skeletal muscle tone during surgery. Using a drug to remove the blocking agent after


Algorithms show accuracy in gauging unconsciousness under general anaesthesia

Anaesthetic drugs act on the brain but most anaesthetists rely on heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement to infer whether surgery patients remain unconscious to the desired degree. In a


Anaesthesia doesn’t simply turn off the brain, it changes its rhythms

Simultaneous measurement of neural rhythms and spikes across five brain areas in animals reveals how propofol induces unconsciousness. Slow rhythm signature can guide anaesthetists to improve patient care. In a


Anaesthesia Web helps children and parents worldwide to prepare for surgery

Every year, millions of children around the world are admitted to hospital for having anaesthesia and surgery. Many of them experience preoperative anxiety which negatively affects both their hospital experience


Researchers uncover altered brain connectivity after prolonged anaesthesia

Prolonged anaesthesia, also known as medically induced coma, is a life-saving procedure carried out across the globe on millions of patients in intensive medical care units every year. But following


Anaesthetist in focus – Dr Puja Shah

As two new partners join the team, strengthening the physician team at DISC Sports & Spine Centre in California (DISC). Dr Neel P Shah is an orthopaedic spine surgeon specialising


Why anaesthetic stops cell’s walkers in their tracks

Researchers at Rice’s Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) detail the mechanism that allows propofol, the general anaesthetic injected to knock you out before surgery, to halt the movement of


3-4 December 2021, Surgery and Anaesthesia; Tokyo

Conference Series invites participants from across the world to attend International Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia to be held on December 3-4, 2021 in Tokyo, which includes keynote presentations, oral


Vygon signs exclusive agreement with Medovate to distribute regional anaesthesia device

Vygon Group, a group specialising in single-use medical devices, and Medovate, a medical device company dedicated to the development and commercialisation of innovative medical technologies, recently announced that they have