18 April 2024

A small robot car can reduce children’s stress before surgery

Undergoing medical treatment, having surgery or simply being admitted to hospital are situations that make children fearful and anxious, especially...

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16 April 2024

Anesthesiologist in Focus Q&A with Amy Shore

Amy Shore is a board-certified anesthesiologist and Medical Director at the DISC Surgery Center in Marina del Rey. With nearly...

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12 April 2024

Developing an international consensus on future pandemic preparedness

A pioneering international collaboration, led jointly by a Teesside University academic, has identified new research priorities needed to prepare for...

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10 April 2024

Is IoMT the future of precision medicine?

Sabyasachi Ghosh discusses the Internet of Medical Things - IoMT Traditional and ongoing medical practice involves the use of advanced...

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21 March 2024

The marriage of nanotechnology and medicine lead to groundbreaking advancements

Over the past three decades, nanotechnology has emerged as a major area of scientific interest. Scientists have created techniques for...

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18 March 2024

Future vaccine makers to get VR-assisted training centre of excellence

Future medicine and vaccine makers will be able to develop their skills using virtual reality thanks to a new national...

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29 February 2024

Empowering patient care: The pharmacist’s crucial role in addressing chronic pain

Paaven Patel, Operations and Quality Assurance Pharmacist at Specialist Pharmacy, discusses the pharmacists' role in treating chronic pain   Pain,...

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27 February 2024

Action® Pressure Management Range available from Central Medical Supplies

Promotional feature The Action® range of pressure ulcer prevention products is exclusively available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies...

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