About Journal of Anaesthesia Practice

Journal of Anaesthesia Practice is a leading online title in the field of anaesthesia

Journal of Anaesthesia Practice is a unique online vehicle for getting an anaesthetic product or service in front of the people who really matter. The vast majority of the readership are consultant anaesthetists.

Journal of Anaesthesia Practice features news, opinions, events, reviews, product information and a wide range of peer-reviewed scientific material of interest to specialist anaesthetists.

The journal has an eminent editorial board guiding its content and underpinning its authority and credibility; and we also work closely with companies in the industry to ensure it remains useful and relevant.

Read by leading anaesthetists throughout the UK, Journal of Anaesthesia Practice has been established for more than 10 years and remains firmly at the centre of the industry.

About www.japractice.co.uk

A dedicated website at www.japractice.co.uk gives a dynamic platform for digital engagement with an international audience. The website is highly ranked on Google for searches focused on anaesthesia products, procedures and news.

The online home of JAP provides regular news feeds, events coming up and new product information, all of which ensures a consistently high ranking.

To find out more, email JAP@barkerbrooks.co.uk or call us on 01423 851 150.