By: 17 April 2015
Anaesthesia in Namibia: a phoenix from the ashes

Anaesthesia in Namibia: a phoenix from the ashes

Judith Hall, project lead for Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project, explains why it is vital to have anaesthesia in the right place at the right time in Namibia

As part of Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project, and in support of the Welsh Government’s Wales Africa programme, I travelled with a small team from Cardiff University and the NHS in Wales – Dr Chris Terblanche (Moriston Hospital) and Dr Najia Hasan (Welsh senior trainee) – to kickstart Namibia’s anaesthesia education. Together we delivered the first of three anaesthesia courses for Namibia. Feedback scores were excellent, and we believe that the course has benefited the very junior doctors who attended.

So what is the problem?
Even if you are a man, imagine you are having a baby. As clinicians, we know that having…

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