By: 8 January 2015
The anaesthetic tea party – commitment to cleanliness

Patrick Ward takes a light-hearted approach to emphasise an anaesthetist’s commitment to cleanliness


Tea Party – Invitation

To: All anaesthetists, ODAs, ODPs, PAs, theatre and ICU staff with a commitment to cleanliness

When: Every time central venous, large-bore peripheral venous and arterial access is undertaken

Where: Anaesthetic room, operating theatre, emergency department and ICU

Dresscode: Theatre scrubs +/- gloves/gown/mask/hat

Drink: BYOB (of chlorhexidine)

RSVP: By letter to the editor, Journal of Anaesthesia Practice

There are many traits that distinguish anaesthetists from surgeons, medics and emergency doctors, but none more apparent than our meticulous approach towards the art of vascular access – the distinct absence of a blood bath in the aftermath of central venous and arterial cannulation unmistakably separates us from the rest.

Much of this procedural finesse comes with practice and technique, but it can also be attributed to our…

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