7 December 2023

New approach to drug discovery: pain medication with fewer side effects developed

People with chronic pain are often dependent on drugs from the class of opioids with sometimes considerable side effects. Accordingly,...

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5 December 2023

High altitude training shows promise for patients ahead of surgery

Simulated high altitude could help older patients at risk of health complications related to surgery, a new study has found....

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30 November 2023

New device could replace animals used in drug and chemical safety testing

A novel 3D printed device that could replace the need for drug and chemical safety testing on animals has received...

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16 November 2023

Men experience less pain when a woman is in charge

A man who is exposed to physical pain feels less severe pain if he is subjected to pain by a...

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14 November 2023

Aston University and Simulation Man launch overweight manikin for medical student training

Aston University College of Health and Life Sciences and Simulation Man have jointly launched a new, overweight female manikin for...

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7 November 2023

Aston University-led project to help NHS to tackle discrimination and bullying in the workplace

An Aston University co-led project has received NIHR (National Institute for Health and Care Research) Work and Health Research Programme...

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2 November 2023

University of Birmingham launches NIHR Net Zero Surgery research programme

As a research programme into ‘green surgery’ in the UK NHS launches this autumn, the University of Birmingham is bringing...

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16 October 2023

New guidelines for anaesthetists published

The Difficult Airway Society (DAS) and Association of Anaesthetists has published some new guidelines for anaesthetists and the teams that...

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