By: 30 January 2024
AlzeCure selects drug candidate and enters  next phase of development against severe pain

AlzeCure Pharma AB, a pharmaceutical company that develops a broad portfolio of small molecule candidate drugs for diseases affecting the central nervous system, with projects in both Alzheimer’s disease and pain, recently announced that the company has selected a TrkA-NAM drug candidate, ACD137, and started the preclinical development phase with the compound.

”AlzeCure’s unique TrkA-NAM substances have extremely selective effects so that optimal pain-relieving effect is achievable without inducing side effects. As the TrkA-NAM substances are small molecules, they can be taken in tablet form, which makes it easier for the patient but also contributes to a more cost-effective treatment,” said Pontus Forsell, Head of Discovery and Research at AlzeCure.

ACD137 is being developed within the TrkA-NAM project in AlzeCure’s Painless platform, with the aim of developing a new pain-relieving drug for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other severe pain conditions. In the project, a drug candidate has now been selected to proceed into the preclinical development programme, which includes safety and tolerability studies, as well as formulation work and stability testing.

ACD137 blocks NGF-mediated signaling via TrkA receptors, a biological mechanism with strong genetic, preclinical and clinical validation for its role in pain. AlzeCure has already demonstrated that TrkA-NAM substances have a potent analgesic effect in preclinical pain models. Studies also show that they have a substantial anti-inflammatory effect, something that can enhance the analgesic effects in clinical contexts and open up further areas of use. Furthermore, effects have been seen on relevant biomarkers for inflammation and pain.

”We are very pleased to have now selected a promising drug candidate and started the preclinical development phase with ACD137. There is great interest from the pharmaceutical industry in this target mechanism, and the fact that we have such a potent and selective substance is a decisive advantage, as several big pharma companies have tried to develop TrkA-NAM assets. In indications such as knee osteoarthritis, there are also large medical needs and a growing patient group,” said Martin Jönsson, CEO of AlzeCure.