By: 5 June 2020
Two new studies examine opioid use in US

The American Urology Association has highlighted two new abstracts that demonstrate how the use of opioids continues to be a major issue facing patients in the US.

Patient-Reported Pain Outcomes Following Opioid-Free Prostatectomy and Nephrectomy (#MP27-11)

Most patients undergoing prostate and kidney removal may be managed effectively without opioids during the postoperative period, according to new data from researchers in Pittsburgh.

Using a validated questionnaire, researchers assessed patient-reported pain outcomes following nephrectomy and prostatectomy, comparing responses from patients who received opioids following surgery and those for whom opioid-free pain management was utilised. There were no significant differences in measured pain outcomes between the groups.

An Opiate-Free Pathway Does Not Negatively Impact Patient Reported Outcomes following Ureteroscopy (#MP83-13)

A new study from researchers in Michigan suggests an opioid-free pathway may be reasonable for patients undergoing ureteroscopy. Fifty-four patients undergoing ureteroscopy for stone disease completed the PROMIS questionnaire, an instrument used to measure pain intensity and interference, both preoperatively and postoperatively. No significant difference was found between patients who received opioids following their procedure and those for whom an opiate-free pathway was prescribed.

Source: American Urological Association