By: 6 March 2018
13 April 2018, SAFE–T summit 2018; London

What is the safe-t summit?

The first ever SAFE-T (Safe Anaesthesia For Everybody – Today) Summit aims to advance the global patient safety agenda. Bringing together leading providers from the perioperative team we will highlight the importance of working together to address the healthcare challenges identified by the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery.

In partnership with related industry, governments and NGOs, this one day Summit will contribute to safer anaesthesia, surgical and obstetric care around the world.

World-renowned experts will open sessions with theme-setting presentations. Facilitated group discussions will develop recommendations and identify practical ways forward.


  • Update the situation of surgical and anaesthesia safety and capacity
  • Refine and define core metrics for measuring global surgical and anaesthesia safety and capacity
  • Showcase partnership approaches with governments, NGOs, industry, and philanthropy organisations

Learning and recommendations from the summit will be published and disseminated internationally as part of the WFSA’s SAFE-T campaign.

Key speakers include:

  • Tore Laerdal, Executive Director of the Laerdal Foundation, Chairman of Laerdal Medical, and Managing Director of Laerdal Global Health
  • Dr Atul Gawande, Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School and General and Endocrine Surgeon, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
  • Dr David Whitaker, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care at the Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK
  • Dr John Meara, Professor of Surgery and Kletjian Professor of Global Surgery, Harvard Medical School

For more information and to book, visit Royal Society of Medicine