By: 1 April 2016
Special research appointment for Golden Jubilee consultant

Special research appointment for Golden Jubilee consultant

A senior consultant anaesthetist at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital has been named a Visiting Professor at Strathclyde University in recognition of his research work.

The three-year term of office will see Professor Stefan Schraag work on key research projects at the Golden Jubilee alongside the university’s Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

As a Visiting Professor, Professor Schraag will focus on key research topics including the refinement of computer-controlled drug delivery systems and the creation of a data hub to study outcome and risk-assessment domains in the perioperative (full) surgical pathway, supporting elements of Enhanced Recovery.

Professor Schraag said: “I am delighted to have been recognised for my contribution to research at the Golden Jubilee and I’m honoured to be appointed as a Visiting Professor.”

One focus will be on target-controlled infusion (TCI) devices, with the aim of developing this platform into patient-controlled applications for sedation and analgesia, including smart safety systems. Another project will see the Golden Jubilee lead on a vital quality improvement programme based on ‘big data’ science, which is driven by developing smart tools such as mobile applications.

Professor Schraag has been involved in several research projects at the Golden Jubilee since being appointed as a Consultant Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist. This includes the recently completed validation study of an improved pharmacokinetic model for TCI which is in the process of publication and its results will be presented at the World Congress of Anaesthesiologists in Hong Kong later this year.