By: 10 July 2015
VersaStream – innovative solutions for sidestream gas monitoring

VersaStream – innovative solutions for sidestream gas monitoring

VersaStream gas sampling lines combine reliability, flexibility and cost efficiency. The integrated bacteria filter of the VersaStream gas sampling lines prevents contamination of gas-conducting components in and at the patient monitor. The dead space volume of the filter unit has been reduced to only a few microlitres, thus facilitating precise measurement of CO2 concentrations in the respiratory gas – even at high respiration rates.

Why VersaStream gas sampling lines from MEDACX?
Real, cost-effective alternative to Nafion tubes
Gas-selective non-porous material facilitates fast and complete removal of condensation
Integrated bacteria filter prevents contamination
Alarms triggered by water traps are significantly reduced
Reliable measured gas values
Integrated bacteria filter and water removal reduces the number of patient circuit parts and speeds up patient monitoring preparation
Designed for use with many common types of gas exchange monitor, either low-flow or high-flow
Available gas sampling lines: nasal prong, nasal, oral/nasal, airway adapter; CO, CO/O2

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