By: 9 April 2015
CADD Ambulatory Infusion Systems – Safe, Simple and Smart

CADD Ambulatory Infusion Systems – Safe, Simple and Smart

Smiths Medical’s CADD Ambulatory Infusion smart pumps safely deliver medication to patients in hospital or at home. The pumps are used to deliver medication while allowing the patient to be mobile. Patient mobility is found to be effective in decreasing recovery costs by improving clinical outcomes and reducing the length of hospital stays.
The CADD Solis Ambulatory Infusion System, with programmed intermittent bolus (PIB) integrated with patient-controlled analgesia (PCA), provides improved pain control and patient satisfaction. The CADD Solis VIP pump is a multi-therapy system, which has been designed specifically for use in the home.
CADD Ambulatory Infusion Systems are the safe, simple and smart choice for homecare or hospital use. Smiths Medical has over 25 years of experience in delivering reliable and accurate infusions, which the company has leveraged to create one of the most trusted and clinically preferred ambulatory infusion platforms. CADD smart pump technology meets infusion pump guidelines, promotes patient safety and reduces the risk of medication delivery errors.
The CADD pumps are simple to use with intuitive programming and task-based menus, which follow clinical workflow and reduce training time for healthcare professionals. The versatile pumps are suited for multiple therapies and the adaptable platform satisfies many emerging clinical and technical needs.
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