Ian Rankin

Managing Director, Dot Medical Ltd

Q: What does your role as Managing director of Dot Medical involve?

A: My role is to develop and manage the company, but I am also extremely keen to continue working with surgeons and physicians in hospitals and so go out into the field as much as possible. I believe this is the best way to learn what is needed and what product improvements both physicians and surgeons would like to see. Dot Medical provides products to the whole of the UK and with the Alert catheter we also ship to Europe, and soon Canada, as the demand for Internal Cardioversion for Atrial Fibrillation is rapidly growing. I am fortunate in having a great team to work with who have become clinical experts in their own divisions. We all work very closely together and my Operations Director oversees all manufacturing of the Alert which allows me to explore new products for the company with my Company Development Manager.

Q: What is your professional background?

A: After obtaining a BSc in Biomedical Electronics I completed a PhD at UMIST, focusing on treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis. My first job in Industry was with Medtronic in the Netherlands, initially in the clinical evaluation of new pacemakers. I rapidly moved in to product sales, then management, and was head hunted to set up Angeion Europe, an ICD company. I subsequently became President of ELA-Angeion, a Franco-American company based in Minneapolis before returning to the UK and establishing Dot Medical. I haven’t looked back since!

Q: Do you have any new (anaesthesia related) products?

A: Yes. We recently introduced the ICON (pictured) – a hand held non-invasive cardiac output monitor into the UK and we have been overwhelmed by the interest for this by Anaesthetists. It is fairly revolutionary using a technique called Electrical Velocimetry and only requires four ECG electrodes to make its measurements. It can be used on neonates through to the elderly and will provide anaesthetists with really useful information to assess Cardiac Output and levels of hydration during surgery without resorting to Doppler, or invasive procedures. There are no other disposable items required and it is small enough to slip into your pocket. We are really excited with this product and we have even had vets enquiring about it!

Q: What changes do you see occurring in the anaesthetics and healthcare industry over the next few years?

A: There will be huge strides in the development of non-invasive procedures and tools to assist anaesthetists to enhance patient case and safety. We will also see the size of equipment becoming smaller, more portable and efficient. As wireless technology develops, patient monitoring will be faster, more accurate, and cost effective and help to reduce operating and post operative time in hospital. Remote monitoring will also allow patients to go home earlier and yet continue to be monitored from the comfort of their homes. This really is a very exciting time in the world of anaesthesia.

Q: What does Dot Medical have planned for the future?

A: Dot Medical is in an extremely fortunate position, as we are regularly approached by companies who have developed new and innovative products and request our assistance to introduce them into the healthcare field. By continuing to work closely with hospitals and anaesthetists, we are able to identify innovative solutions that can significantly improve the quality of patient care.

Dot Medical was founded in 1997 by Ian Rankin and now has an established reputation in the field of cardiology and electrophysiology. Dot Medical has recently expanded its product range into four separate divisions (Cardiology, Anaesthetics and Surgical, Therapeutic Hypothermia and Weight Loss Surgery) with over 300 products in its portfolio. It is presently adding a new Eye Therapy division which will be available in 2010.

In 2008 Dot Medical acquired the manufacturing rights to the Alert™ Internal Cardioversion catheter for use on patients with Atrial Fibrillation. The manufacturing site was moved from New Jersey USA to Hereford with the aim of developing UK manufacturing and job creation.

Dot Medical provides innovative medical and surgical solutions in today’s healthcare environment with the aim of helping to enhance the quality of patient care, cost-effectiveness and health care education and development.

For further information on the ICON or any of our products please visit: www.dot-medical.com.

Email: info@dot-medical.com.

Tel: 01625 668811; Fax: 01625 668855.