By: 3 May 2022
NuroKor BioElectronics and Vivomed join forces to deliver cutting edge pain relief to UK sports injury clinics

NuroKor BioElectronics has signed a new partnership deal with sports medicine provider Vivomed to supply NuroKor’s pain management technology to sports clinics and sports teams across the UK

NuroKor technology uses bioelectric nerve stimulation to deliver personalised pain management, recovery support and rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions. Explaining his own experience with the devices, Ashley Watson, GB Olympic Bobsleigh team Sports Therapist and ex-GB Olympic Bobsleigh athlete, said: “NuroKor is a life saver when it comes to recovery. After a training session I use my NuroKor Lifetech device alongside an active recovery and mobility workout and I almost feel like I’m ready to work out again! I also have had a few niggling injuries and NuroKor definitely prevents me from suffering. My performance increased, and my aches decreased.”

A recent patient survey of more than 100 users echoes Ashley’s results, with 91 percent able to stop or reduce pain medication when using NuroKor [1].

From March 2022, Vivomed, which is led by a team of highly experienced medical professionals, will add NuroKor’s mibody and mitouch Lifetech devices to its extensive range of best-in-class injury management, rehabilitation and prevention products, increasing NuroKor’s footprint and reach in sports medicine and even further beyond.

Commenting on the collaboration, Roni Lennon, Pharmacist and Vivomed CEO said: “At Vivomed we take great pride in providing the latest sport injury solutions and technologies to clinics and healthcare professionals right across the UK. Joining forces with NuroKor is a natural step for us, with the significant and growing evidence for the efficacy of bioelectronics in management of injury, pain and recovery. The NuroKor team are pioneers in personalised electroceuticals and we’re incredibly pleased to be leading the charge in enabling access to these new options.”

NuroKor founder and CEO Rick Rowan said: “Bioelectronic technology therapy is gaining traction amongst clinics, medical professionals and athletes as a highly effective alternative option for pain relief, tissue healing and recovery to strong pain relief medications which can, in some cases, cause issues in the long term, and don’t necessarily contribute to healing. “We are delighted to be able to announce our new partnership with Vivomed, one of the world’s leading online sports medicine suppliers that offers the very latest in treatment technology. This deal marks the latest in a line of significant collaborations as we continue to increase its global reach.”


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