By: 22 January 2019
Disposable Bronchoscope now available from CMS

Promotional feature

Central Medical Supplies (CMS) has been chosen by medical device company Axess Vision Technology as the sole UK distributor for its single use endoscope range.

One of the products in the range is Broncoflex®, a single use bronchoscope that is available in two sizes. Broncoflex S has an insertion tube with an external diameter of 3.7mm and an operator channel of 1.4mm. It has a distal end diameter of 3.9mm. The insertion tube of Broncoflex M has an external diameter of 5.5mm and an operator channel of 2.1mm. It comes with a distal end diameter of 5.5mm.

Broncoflex S is clinically indicated for the positioning of double lumen probes and bronchial blockers, broncho-alveolar lavage and endoscopic assisted tracheotomy. It is also suitable for explorations of the pulmonary passages, difficult intubation and sampling. The clinical indications for Broncoflex M include broncho-alveolar lavage, foreign body removal and the management of excess secretions. It too can be used for endoscopic assisted tracheotomy, explorations of the pulmonary passages, difficult intubation and sampling.

As Broncoflex is designed for single use there is no risk of cross contamination. Unlike traditional bronchoscopes, which are unavailable for use during their cleaning cycle, Broncoflex is always ready, as after each use the bronchoscope is discarded and a new sterile one opened. Normal wear and tear, caused by cleaning, can also impact the quality of the exams carried out with a traditional bronchoscope. Unlike reusable bronchoscopes, Broncoflex doesn’t require a repair or disinfection budget.

Broncoflex produces high quality images, with good colour reproduction, along with a large depth of field and viewing angle. Broncoflex has an innovative visualisation system, via a touch screen. SCREENi®, the viewing solution for Broncoflex is also available from CMS. SCREENi is a high resolution screen with a bright touch panel, which gives optimal colour reproduction and contrast. A compact and mobile system, it is easily transportable to different examination sites. The display can also be exported to an existing medical monitor. SCREENi is simple to use and intuitive, as it starts in seconds and immediately displays the video from the connected device. Videos and photos can be recorded during an examination. Recorded photos and videos can be exported via a USB stick for inclusion in a patient’s file.

For more information on the Broncoflex disposable bronchoscopes and SCREENi viewing screen, along with other single use endoscopes in the range, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies on 01538 392 596, email or visit