By: 2 November 2018
New Kanmed Warming Cabinet And WarmCloud Available From CMS


The new Kanmed Desk Top Warming Cabinet is now available from Central Medical Supplies (CMS), along with the unique updated Kanmed WarmCloud. CMS is the sole UK distributor for Swedish medical patient warming specialist, Kanmed. The two companies have been in partnership for 30 years.
The Desk Top Warming Cabinet is a new product in the Kanmed range. There are two version of the cabinet; one for infusions and gels, which is pre-set to a maximum temperature of 42°C, and one for blankets and towels that has a pre-set maximum temperature of 70°C. The Cabinet comes with electronic temperature regulation, along with a high temperature alarm. It also has a mechanical over temperature relay and a built-in safety thermostat inside the heating element, as extra safety precautions.
The benefits of the Kanmed Desk Top Warming Cabinet include very low running and maintenance costs, along with low energy consumption. The Cabinet is quiet while running and easy to clean.
Kanmed WarmCloud is a patient warming system with built in pressure sore prevention. This unique system ensures patients stay warm during surgery, while at the same time reducing the risk of pressure sores.
The Kanmed WarmCloud system consists of a single-use warm air mattress, a main unit and an optional remote control for operating the system. The warm air mattress, which is placed under the patient, lifts the patient creating a soft, comfortable and temperature-controlled environment.
The system quickly makes a cold, hard operating table comfortable for the patient, which helps them to relax. It also reduces the risk of pressure sores, particularly during very long procedures. As the mattress is under the patient this gives surgeons easy access to surgical sites.
Efficient patient warming and effective pressure sore prevention save hospital trusts time and money. Warming the patient shortens postoperative time in hospital, as hypothermia-induced complications are eliminated. Maintaining normothermia can help reduce surgical site infections, enhance clinical outcomes, comply with regulatory guidelines, improve patient safety and aid recovery. Approximately 12 per cent to 25 per cent of patients with a hospital acquired pressure ulcer develop them during surgical procedures. Studies reveal that one in twelve patients undergoing surgical procedures lasting more than three hours will develop postoperative pressure ulcers within four days. Pressure ulcers produce needless pain and suffering for patients. They have a negative impact on a patient’s quality of life and can sometimes last for months at a time. Central Medical Supplies (CMS) is committed to assisting healthcare professionals in keeping patents at a healthy temperature and reducing pressure sores.
For more information on the Kanmed Desk Top Warming Cabinet, along with the Kanmed WarmCloud, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies on 01538 392 596, email or visit