By: 14 October 2016
WFSA to raise awareness for safe anaesthesia on World Anaesthesia Day 2016

The World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA) is asking for social media participation for their SAFE-T (Safe Anaesthesia For Everybody – Today) campaign during this year’s World Anaesthesia Day.

The WFSA launched the SAFE-T campaign in September to raise awareness for the need for safe anaesthesia and for gathering data to “map the gap” in access to safe anaesthesia. Approximately five of seven people across the globe lack access to safe anaesthesia and surgery, according to the WFSA.

“Safe anaesthesia is not a luxury, it’s a human right. As part of its commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 3, Universal Health Coverage and the strengthening of health systems, the WFSA aims to make safe anaesthesia available to all,” said Julian Gore-Booth, CEO of WFSA (UK), in a press release. “Add your voice to this campaign and help us raise awareness about the crisis in global anaesthesia and why it is so important that this issue be at the forefront of the global health agenda.”

Individuals can participate in the campaign by signing an online petition or by taking a photo with the SAFE-T poster and uploading it to social media on 16-17 October, using hashtags #WorldAnaesthesiaDay and #SAFET.