By: 29 April 2016
iMDsoft sees accelerated growth in 2015

iMDsoft sees accelerated growth in 2015

German company iMDsoft has announced that its MetaVision clinical information system has been successfully implemented in more than 45 anaesthesia and critical care units across the globe over the past 12 months. One of their recent implementation projects included a first go-live at University Hospital Southampton, a project of 100 anaesthesia and ICU beds and mobile electronic observations for general wards.

MetaVision ICU generates complete and accurate electronic medical records and includes advanced tools for clinical assessment, treatment and care planning. The system is designed to meet the unique needs of the critical care environment, and supports all types of intensive care units, step-down units and intermediate care units.

MetaVision Anaesthesia is an advanced anaesthesia information management system that provides automated anaesthetic record keeping, making documentation fast and easy. Anaesthetists use it for automatic data capture, pre-populated charts, complete and accurate anaesthesia records, advanced clinical decision support, and a rich data repository for clinical studies and management reports.

“MetaVision’s flexibility means it can accommodate a wide range of markets, multi-site health networks and changing customer needs,” said Lars-Oluf Nielsen, CEO of iMDsoft. “This year, we expanded our offerings beyond critical care, bringing value to a wider community of iMDsoft customers and their patients.”

Source: Yahoo Finance