By: 23 June 2014
Next generation in epidural pain management

CME Medical has launched a new generation in epidural pain management, designed to deliver optimum pain relief during childbirth, with increased patient satisfaction and limited clinician intervention required.

The Intelligent Programmed Interval Auto Bolus (Intelligent PiAB) combines the traditional epidural options of patient bolus and auto bolus and enables the patient to administer their own bolus alongside the auto bolus set in place. This feature allows the mother to feel in control of her own pain management, without the interruptions of clinicians, and can thus help reduce traffic through the patient birthing area. On-screen reminders show when both patient and auto bolus doses are next available, helping medical staff to make informed decisions on the best medication for every patient.

With patient safety and comfort in mind, Intelligent PiAB has a bolus speed of up to 1000ml/hour, ensuring a better spread of medication and resulting in improved pain relief. For added safety, it is also possible to monitor real-time, in-line pressure and detect potential occlusions early using the bolus rate and actual pressure display on the pump screen while boluses are being delivered.

John Carrington, Managing Director at CME Medical, commented: “This exciting launch is absolutely in line with our aim to improve patient experience through the creation of
innovative and effective solutions. As a company committed to understanding the needs of patients and their desire to make informed decisions about their care, we are constantly
researching and developing ways of diversifying and expanding our product range.

“We also understand that healthcare professionals are continually seeking real innovation that brings benefits to both their patients and their teams in a bid to develop time
efficiencies without compromising levels of care, safety standards or ever-inducing anxiety in those patients who require immediate and sustained pain management. Here at CME Medical, we believe that the PiAB system will help us to achieve these goals and, in doing so, will result in better patient outcomes.”