By: 12 October 2023
Letter to the editor: Coiling of guidewire – Out of date Vascath set

Dear Editor,

I would like to report a case of coiling of guidewire during Vascath insertion. 

I was called by the junior doctor who was unable to do the Vascath insertion using Seldinger technique  because the guidewire kept coiling. 

On inspection of the pack, I noticed that the expiry date on the pack was October 2022, and the procedure was being done in January 2023. I would like to think that since the pack was past its use by date the guidewire was coiling and the junior doctor was unable to do the procedure. 

We opened a new pack and were able to do the procedure uneventfully. 

 I did contact the manufacturer Vygon and have not had any response so far. 

On literature search, I have not been able to see a similar event being reported. 

Learning point is to always check the expiry date on the pack before doing any invasive procedure like central venous catheters, vascaths, arterial lines.  


Sent by Dr Santhosh Babu, Specialty Doctor – Intensive Care Medicine, Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Trust, Warrington, WA5 1QG 


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