By: 29 October 2020
Do you want to be the face of AfPP’s social media in 2021?

Does your perioperative team go above and beyond to encourage and develop a supportive and positive culture within your immediate team or with the department as a whole?

If yes, you could be in with the chance of becoming the 2021 Face of The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP), the UK’s leading membership organisation for theatre practitioners.

As part of its Caring for those who Care campaign, the Association is giving eight perioperative teams the chance to represent what a supportive culture within the perioperative environment means, by being the face of their online brand.

Louise Ashton, marketing lead at the Association explains: “This year’s Face of AfPP competition was so successful that we’ve decided to re-run it for 2021. As part of our Caring for those who Care campaign, we have carried out two surveys with perioperative professionals to find out more about culture and behaviours within operating theatres and the impact it has on staff wellbeing. Responders to both surveys highlighted concerns about the culture and behaviour within operating theatres. They expressed concerns about the impact a negative culture and bullying were having on staff wellbeing and patient safety. We’d like to know how teams across the country have addressed issues like these, including any initiatives they’ve put in place”.

The teams who submit the best initiatives will become the cover photo for The Association for Perioperative Practice’s social media accounts for one month in the run up to the 2021 AfPP Annual Conference in August. One overall winner will be announced at the conference and their image will then become the face of AfPP for the rest of the year.

What’s more, each of the winning teams will receive a Betty’s tea and biscuit bag to enjoy together.

Dawn Stott, CEO of the Association added: “AfPP takes patient outcomes and the wellbeing of all perioperative practitioners very seriously. Our experience shows how invaluable the wellbeing of healthcare professionals is to patient safety. AfPP is all about networking and sharing best practice and this project is a fantastic way to showcase great initiatives that make teams stand out.

“Whether you’ve introduced a ‘thumbs up’ board to highlight great practice; or helped to create a happier and more productive environment through finding and developing ways to engage and communicate positively with colleagues. Maybe teams or individuals have been empowered to develop solutions to issues that have challenged team performance in the past. Whatever it is that you’ve done to create a more positive working environment, we’d like to hear about it! “

To find out more, including terms and conditions, and how to enter go to or email