By: 13 March 2019
Fluido® AirGuard Warming System available from CMS

Central Medical Supplies (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of The 37Company’s innovative Fluido AirGuard blood and fluid warmer system.
The Fluido AirGuard system combines fluid warming with safety and speed. The system is easy to use, accurate, safe and cost effective for daily blood and fluid warming, and is
particularly suitable for high flow trauma procedures. The unit warms blood and IV fluids to the desired temperature in just 30 seconds. Based on in line sensors, the Fluido blood and fluid warmer calculates the required energy to safely warm the fluids. Algorithms within the system then compensate for the heat loss in the patient line, to ensure accurate heat adjustment against the set temperature at the end of the line.
Fluido AirGuard has additional safety features, including an ultra-sonic sensor to automatically shut off the IV-line if air is detected in the bubble trap. The Fluido ® system warms blood and fluids using IR technology, which is a dry method that eliminates the threat of waterborne contamination.
One of the contributing factors to unintended hypothermia is the intravenous (IV) delivery of cold fluids. [1] Blood and fluid warming help maintain normothermia and contribute to a positive patient outcome by providing normothermic blood and fluid at all flow rates. Maintaining correct patient body temperatures reduces the risk of additional complications and the length of hospital stays. [2,3,4] The 37Company is a specialist in the area of patient temperature management and has developed a number of products to help keep patients at a constant healthy body temperature.
For more information on the Fluido AirGuard system, along with other products offered by The 37Company, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email More information is also available by visiting



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