CMS exclusive UK distributor of Fluido Compact



Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of The 37° Company’s Fluido® Compact blood and fluid warmer.

Fluido® Compact is an easy to use, accurate, safe and cost-effective system for daily blood and fluid warming. The unit rapidly warms fluids to the target temperature. Fluido® Compact has a one-button operation and intuitive control panel, making it very easy to use. The disposable set comprises of a cassette, a 40cm patient line and priming volume of 3ml. The system provides accurate and safe warming, as it comes with embedded software for maximum patient safety through an independent control system and multiple temperature sensors. As it requires no maintenance, Fluido® Compact is also a very cost-effective system.

One of the contributing factors to unintended hypothermia is the intravenous (IV) delivery of cold fluids. Blood and fluid warming help maintain normothermia and contribute to a positive patient outcome [1,2]. The 37° Company is a specialist in the area of patient temperature management and has developed a number of products to help keep patients at a constant healthy body temperature. A number of its products are available to healthcare providers in the UK via CMS, which has over 25 years’ experience in distributing medical devices to hospitals. CMS has extensive knowledge, expertise and understanding of the needs of hospital trusts, particularly in the area of patient warming.

For more information on the Fluido® Compact system, along with other products offered by The 37° Company, contact Tracey Pavier-Grant, Sales Director at Central Medical Supplies, on 01538 392 596 or email More information is also available by visiting



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