By: 18 January 2017
New Classic Star from Dräger facilitates non-invasive ventilation

With the new Classic Star NIV (non-invasive ventilation) mask, Dräger now offers products for nasal and oronasal ventilation as well as a full-face mask. Allowing clinics to support the acceptance of non-invasive ventilation in adult patients – an important prerequisite to guide the NIV therapy to success.


With the Classic Star NIV (non-invasive ventilation) mask, clinics can support the
acceptance of non-invasive ventilation in adult patients
Credit: © Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

According to a study in German hospitals, more and more patients are ventilated longer, while respiration through mask systems has increased significantly. But not all patients can use a nasal or oronasal mask. For example, if the face structure is injured or damaged in such a way that the mask cannot rest on bone, nasal cartilage or soft tissue, a full-face mask is the tool of choice. In addition, the Classic Star offers caregivers the option to alternate different types of masks for the patient. Thus, the masks are not always resting on the same parts of the face, which can prevent skin irritations.

Perfect fit and pressure reducing

How well a mask fits has a direct effect on the patient’s acceptance of NIV therapy. The fillable air cushion of the mask is therefore designed to be particularly smooth and wide to avoid pressure points. The perfect fit also prevents leaks at the same time. The five-point headgear strap always keeps the mask in the ideal position, while snap fasteners make putting on and taking off much easier.