By: 19 September 2016
Patient-dedicated blood gas analysis enhances flu readiness and infection control

Sphere Medical discussed how its Proxima patient-dedicated blood gas monitoring system can be used to enhance flu readiness and improve infection control in Intensive Care Units at HAI 2016 (Hauptstadtkongresses für Anästhesiologie und Intensivtherapie) in Berlin from 15-18th September. HAI 2016 provided an ideal opportunity for practical skills development and the updating of knowledge in many aspects of intensive care.

As one of the latest technological developments for near real-time monitoring of blood gas in critical care patients, Proxima, a miniaturised in-line analyser, enables rapid and frequent arterial blood gas results to be delivered directly at a patient’s bedside monitor without the care giver walking away with a sample to a central analyser. This is ideal from an infection control perspective, for example, during outbreaks of winter influenza when vulnerable patients are placed in isolation to prevent contact and droplet-spread.

Wolfgang Rencken, CEO, Sphere Medical notes, “Blood gas measurements are key parameters when monitoring critical care patients with respiratory complications. Since frequent arterial blood sampling is necessary, a key aspect of infection prevention and control with such patients is the strict management of their blood samples. As Proxima operates as a closed system there is no contact with the patient’s blood which is all returned to the patient. Measuring blood gas actually in the patient’s bed space also enhances workflow in ICUs which is important when pressured during winter flu outbreaks.”

Sphere Medical has also recently published an in-depth discussion on how the Proxima patient-dedicated blood gas analyser could help avoid infection transmission and enhance workflow in intensive care units, particularly when under pressure during outbreaks of winter influenza.1Flu readiness and control of infection in ICUs using patient-dedicated blood gas analysis” can be accessed at:

For more information on Sphere Medical and the Proxima™ in-line blood gas analyser, please view


Reference: Burgos, S and Troughton, T. Flu readiness and control of infection in ICUs using patient-dedicated blood gas analysis. Hospital Healthcare Europe (2016); p113-116.