By: 3 December 2015
PROACT Medical present the Creative PC-900B

PROACT Medical present the Creative PC-900B

The new Creative PC-900B is a compact and lightweight handheld Capnograph and Oximeter which has an extremely simple user interface with a bright clear colour display. Its robust design, free of charge Silicone Boot and Case options make it perfect for paramedic and tough environmental use.

The PC-900B comes with Variable Flow (50–250ml/min) Sidestream technology allowing it to be used for intubated and non-intubated patients. It can be used to monitor EtCO2/FiCO2, RR, SpO2 and PR, and comes with user-adjustable audio and visual alarms for all parameters and apnoea. The adjustable pump flow rate allows it to be used on both adult and infant patients.

The device can store and display up to 24 hours of graphic and tabular trend even after it has been powered off. It comes with built in long-life lithium rechargeable batteries.


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