By: 21 October 2015

Smiths Medical helping hospitals prepare for new ISO safety standard

Smiths Medical has launched a training programme to help ensure healthcare providers are up to speed, and prepared, for the forthcoming International Standard Organisation (ISO) new neuraxial small-bore connector safety standard – ISO Standard 80369-6.

Smiths Medical conducted a survey among a cross-section of its customers to gauge the level of awareness of the new ISO standard and, from this, developed a tool kit to help increase knowledge. They discovered:

  • 64 per cent had low or no awareness of the ISO standard;
  • 73 per cent agreed the adoption of the ISO standard 80369-6 is important for their hospital;
  • 59 per cent ranked their hospital as having little or no preparation for the standard today; and
  • 98 per cent felt the Smiths Medical presentation was somewhat or very helpful in providing information on how to prepare for the ISO standard design change.

The new ISO safety standard is being introduced as the widely used small-bore connectors, commonly referred to as Luer connectors, allow for misconnections and misinjections between unrelated delivery systems with vastly different uses. For example, a neuraxial misconnection would arise when drugs intended for the intravenous route are administered via the spinal or epidural route, or where local anaesthetic intended for the epidural or regional block is administered intravenously.

In advance of the new ISO standard, Smiths Medical is continuing to provide hospital trusts with its CorrectInject™ Spinal Safety System, which has been used in the NHS since its launch in 2011.

The CorrectInject Spinal Safety System’s unique interlocking connectors allow only medication delivered with a CorrectInject syringe to reach the patient through the spinal needle. Connections of the CorrectInject Spinal Safety System are distinctly different from standard Luer connections commonly used on medical products and help prevent misconnections.

The CorrectInject Spinal Safety System is a dedicated neuraxial connector system. The system consists of components that have a unique non-Luer taper that allows connection of compatible CorrectInject components that, when used together as a system, help reduce the risk of misconnection and the chance of injecting medication not intended for the spinal space.

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