By: 2 July 2015
Occupational hazards – SHOT Report – Rajvinder Sidhu

Occupational hazards – Rajvinder Sidhu summarises the findings of the 2013 SHOT Report

The latest Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) report [1] was published in 2014 and reviews UK transfusion data between January and December 2013. There were 2751 SHOT reports analysed from 2013. This article summarises the key findings and recommendations of the report.

Table 1 summarises the total numbers of transfusion-related complications occurring in 2013. There were 12 ABO-incompatible transfusion reactions, seven of which were caused by laboratory errors and five from clinical errors. Two-thirds of ABO-incompatible red cell transfusions did not result in serious outcomes. The commonest cause of death was…

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