By: 8 January 2015
Leadership: How to get ahead in anaesthesia

Chima Oti describes his experience of attending a leadership and management module as an anaesthetic trainee

I was fortunate during my anaesthetic training to complete a leadership and management module. This was at ST5 level of training at the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent. I believe my experience would highlight the benefits of this module and make the case for similar modules in anaesthetic training to be done with an agreed minimum standard.


The leadership and management module at William Harvey Hospital Ashford had already been in existence for over two years when I started. It is a recognised module and increasingly growing in popularity. It is only eligible to post-fellowship trainees and could only accommodate one registrar at a time. It lasts for 3–6 months. There was a dedicated Consultant Supervisor for this module.

So what’s the relevance?

Leadership and management skills are becoming increasingly relevant in the NHS as it undergoes changes to adapt to the dynamic requirements of patients. Clinicians have a role to play and it’s better to initiate these skills during training. The General Medical Council (GMC) states that being a good doctor means more than being a good…

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Chima Oti

Chima Oti is an ST7 Anaesthetist at Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.