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Anaesthesia doesn’t simply turn off the brain, it changes its rhythms

Simultaneous measurement of neural rhythms and spikes across five brain areas in animals reveals how propofol induces unconsciousness. Slow rhythm signature can guide anaesthetists to improve patient care. In a


Loughborough design student helps develop ventilation hood that has the potential to save lives of COVID-19 patients

A third-year Loughborough University student has helped develop a ventilation product for coronavirus patients in intensive care. Dominic Leatherland, of the School of Design and Creative Arts, says the HCH-40


New ways to describe spinal anaesthesia, contra-indications and complications – and why spinal blocks sometimes fail

Sher Mohammad and others look at different approaches to performing spinal anaesthesia    The tale of spinal anaesthesia According to history, Hippocrates (470-400BC) discovered for the first time “water of


Anaesthesia Web helps children and parents worldwide to prepare for surgery

Every year, millions of children around the world are admitted to hospital for having anaesthesia and surgery. Many of them experience preoperative anxiety which negatively affects both their hospital experience


Smiths Medical announces the ECRI evaluation of the CADD®-Solis V4 wireless ambulatory infusion system

Promotional feature Medical device manufacturer Smiths Medical has announced the release of the ECRI evaluation report for CADD®-Solis v4 with wireless communication Patient-Controlled Analgesic (PCA) and epidural infusion pump. ECRI


Patients should receive COVID-19 vaccine before surgery to reduce risk of postoperative death

Patients waiting for elective surgery should get COVID-19 vaccines ahead of the general population – potentially helping to avoid thousands of post-operative deaths linked to the virus, according to a


22-24 September 2021, Association of Anaesthetists Annual Congress; Liverpool

Join the Association of Anaesthetists for a vast selection of informative educational sessions to attend Reasons to attend Informative educational sessions High-profile speakers An attendance of around 800 national and


8-9 July, Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Conference; Newcastle

Reasons to attend The leading trainee scientific meeting in the UK aimed at all levels of trainee anaesthetists An attendance of around 350 delegates each year means the conference is a great


Whatever happened to Exercise Cygnus?

James Watts, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, East Lancashire NHS Teaching Hospitals Trust, explores what learning points were identified from Exercise Cygnus, and whether the criticism of its


Recycle anaesthetics to reduce carbon emission of healthcare

New research has highlighted the value of recycling general anaesthetic used in routine operations to reduce the carbon emission in healthcare. In the UK, healthcare accounts for more than five