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Medovate wins ‘Medtech Company of the Year’ at Cambridge Independent Awards

Medovate has been awarded ‘Medtech Company of the Year’ at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards for 2022. Based in Cambridge, Medovate is a medical device development vehicle spun


Operating rooms are the climate change contributor no one’s talking about

Two surgeons-in-training suggest some sustainable solutions for climate change in their energy-intensive discipline In April 2021, during the Leaders Summit on Climate, President Biden announced his goal to drastically reduce


High-frequency spinal cord stimulation shows improved longer lasting pain relief

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for chronic pain involves delivering low levels of electricity directly into the spinal cord using an implanted device, which modifies or blocks nerve activity to minimise


Anaesthetic drastically diverts the travels of brain waves

Under propofol general anaesthesia very slow frequency travelling waves transform and dominate, redirecting and disrupting the higher frequency travelling waves associated with conscious function. Imagine the conscious brain as a


NuroKor BioElectronics and Vivomed join forces to deliver cutting edge pain relief to UK sports injury clinics

NuroKor BioElectronics has signed a new partnership deal with sports medicine provider Vivomed to supply NuroKor’s pain management technology to sports clinics and sports teams across the UK NuroKor technology