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Cavendish Medical Column – Tax payment scheme deadline looming

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth on how to apply for tax charge help If you would like the government to pay a tax bill caused by breaching annual pension savings limits in


Intensive care patients speak with their eyes

Intubated, ventilated, unable to speak: due to their condition, many critically ill patients in intensive care are unable to express themselves. They can only communicate their wishes and needs, descriptions


Regional anaesthesia device SAFIRA® demonstrated live at Arab Health 2022

A UK technology that transforms regional anaesthesia into a single operator procedure and improves patient safety, will be demonstrated live by a renowned clinician in the field of anaesthesia at


Anaesthesia: Double chalice breaks the blockade

Under anaesthesia, patients are often given muscle-relaxing neuromuscular blockers to make intubations easier and reduce the skeletal muscle tone during surgery. Using a drug to remove the blocking agent after


Anaesthetist in Focus – Dr Arop Kual

Dr Arop Kual is currently working as an anaesthesiologist in Francistown Academic Hospital and running day care surgeries at Bots Plus Care Clinic and City Medical Centre in Francistown, Botswana.


China-wide study will boost understanding of fatal surgical complication

Older patients in hospitals across China took part in a major multi-centre open-label randomised clinical trial that showed there was no difference in post-operative delirium in older people with a