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Smiths Medical launches Portex EchoGlo peripheral nerve block range

Medical device manufacturer Smiths Medical has launched its EchoGlo peripheral nerve block range


The Ottawa Hospital study shows benefits of spinal or epidural anaesthesia over general anaesthesia for leg artery bypass surgery

A new study by researchers at The Ottawa Hospital shows that people who had surgery to improve blood flow in their legs under spinal or epidural anaesthesia were less likely to die


Anaesthetist in focus – Jim Watts

We talk to Jim Watts, Consultant in Critical Care Medicine and Anaesthesia and JAP’s consultant editor.   JAP: As a specialist in anaesthesia, could you tell us more about your


General anaesthesia and normal sleep affect brain in an amazingly similar way as consciousness fades

What happens in the brain when our conscious awareness fades during general anaesthesia and normal sleep? Finnish scientists studied this question with novel experimental designs and functional brain imaging. They


How one pain suppresses the other

The human perception of pain can vary greatly depending on the situation, so it is possible that the same pain stimulus feels more or less painful under different conditions. The