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General anaesthesia for forceps delivery in an obstetric patient with Hermansky Pudlak syndrome

Avinash Aswath and others describe a case study of a pregnant patient with Hermansky Pudlak syndrome (HPS) who had a general anaesthetic for forceps-assisted vaginal delivery    Summary Hermansky Pudlak syndrome


CMS exclusive UK distributor of Fluido Compact

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE   Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of The 37° Company’s Fluido® Compact blood and fluid warmer. Fluido® Compact is an easy to use,


Poor sleep at night, more pain the next day

After one night of poor sleep, brain activity ramps up in pain-sensing regions while activity is scaled back in areas responsible for modulating how we perceive painful stimuli. This finding, published in JNeurosci,


Positive data for BARHEMSYS™ rescue treatment of post-operative nausea & vomiting

Acacia Pharma Group plc welcomes an editorial published in the peer-reviewed journal Anesthesiology, accompanying the print publication of results from its positive Phase 3 clinical trial of BARHEMSYS™ (intravenous amisulpride) as