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Acacia Pharma announces positive BARHEMSYS ™ rescue treatment data

Acacia Pharma Group plc announces that data and analyses from its positive Phase 3 clinical trial of BARHEMSYS™ (intravenous amisulpride) as rescue treatment of established post-operative nausea & vomiting (PONV)


‘Waltzing’ nanoparticles could advance search for better drug delivery methods

Indiana University researchers have discovered that drug-delivering nanoparticles attach to their targets differently based upon their position when they meet. The study, published in the journal ACS Nano, is significant since


Aspirin alone a good clot buster after knee surgery

When it comes to preventing blood clots after a knee replacement, good old aspirin may be just as effective as newer, more expensive drugs. After knee surgery, there’s a risk


PIEZO2, a molecular target for treating clinical pain

If you’ve ever been sunburned, you’ve experienced the dreaded pain of putting on a shirt the next day. Fabric that should feel soft turns into a layer of painful pressure.


New pain research centre opens at Royal Holloway, University of London

There is a recognised gap in the study of social aspects of pain, and to truly understand the problem, interdisciplinary research is needed and hence the pain research centre. Chronic pain


Can stimulating the brain treat chronic pain?

For the first time, researchers at the UNC School of Medicine showed they could target one brain region with a weak alternating current of electricity, enhance the naturally occurring brain


5 December 2018, Anaesthesia for the older patient; London

Anaesthesia for the older patient We are all aware of increasing numbers of elderly patients in our hospitals with multiple comorbidities and age related issues, who require surgical and anaesthetic


Survey of Post-Operative Prescribing Preferences in the United Kingdom among Anaesthesia professionals*

  Emily Pallister produces a survey asking which medications are most widely available to anaesthetists for post-operative prescribing, and if others are increasing in popularity and accessibility    Summary Drug prescribing


New Kanmed Warming Cabinet And WarmCloud Available From CMS

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE The new Kanmed Desk Top Warming Cabinet is now available from Central Medical Supplies (CMS), along with the unique updated Kanmed WarmCloud. CMS is the sole UK distributor for Swedish


Enthermics ivNow fluid warmers available from Central Medical Supplies

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Updated Enthermics ivNow® fluid warming products, with new features, are now available from Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS). Enthermics is a pioneering company in the patient warming arena and