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Anaesthetic management for a patient with morbid obesity

Arop Kual, senior anaesthetist at the Princess Marina Hospital in Botswana, and authors,  share a case report to address the important key issues relevant to peri-operative anaesthetic management of the


One-day caudal epiduroplasty using normal saline for failed back surgery syndrome and spinal stenosis – A retrospective study

Rafik Sedra, an advanced pain trainee from Oxford school of anaesthesia, and Dr Pradeep Desai, chronic pain consultant at Wexham Park Hospital, discuss their research – a retrospective study and


26 November 2020, Developing world anaesthesia; Online course

Now in its ninth year, the popular Developing World Anaesthesia course will take place online for the first time in November. It is suitable for anyone planning, or even just


Providing safe regional anaesthesia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Stewart Southey looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the very nature of how anaesthesia services can be delivered, and the need for increased attention on patient safety in regional


Lego builds anaesthesia skills according to new study

Lego could be used as a practical tool to train doctors in anaesthetic skills according to new research that has shown a simple task using the building bricks can help


How do we disconnect from the environment during sleep and under anaesthesia?

During sleep and under anaesthesia, we rarely respond to such external stimuli as sounds, even though our brains remain highly active. Now, a series of new studies by researchers at


Anaesthesia’s effect on consciousness solved

Surgery would be inconceivable without general anaesthesia, so it may come as a surprise that despite its 175-year history of medical use, doctors and scientists have been unable to explain


Study finds surgery with anaesthesia not linked to indicator of Alzheimer’s

Older adults who have surgery with general anaesthesia may experience a modest acceleration of cognitive decline, even years later. But there’s no evidence of a link to Alzheimer’s disease, according


5-6 October 2020, International conference and exhibition on surgery and anaesthesia; Lisbon

OLC International is organising the International Conference and Exhibition on Surgery and Anaesthesia from 5-6 October, 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. This global gathering of researchers, innovators, and expert surgeons are designed to connect


Australian summit targets post-op pandemic

Australian health leaders are holding a national summit in Adelaide as data reveals a hidden pandemic in patients suffering post-surgery complications. Organiser and Royal Adelaide Hospital Professor of Anaesthesia Guy