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Does general anaesthesia increase the risk of dementia?

There are concerns that exposure to general anaesthesia during surgery may contribute to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. To investigate, researchers compared exposure to general anaesthesia versus regional anaesthesia


Fluido® AirGuard warming system available from Central Medical Supplies

Promotional feature The 37Company’s innovative Fluido® AirGuard blood and fluid warmer system is exclusively available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies (CMS). A specialist in the area of patient


ENG4NHS: A new organisation to help the NHS and other not-for-profit healthcare organisations

Prof Peter J Ogrodnik is the course director for the MSc in Medical Engineering Design at Keele University and is a founder of the ENG4NHS project. Here, he talks to


A limitation of ultrasound-guided techniques for lung cancer resection surgery in a patient with chest drainage: A case report

Authors S Laxman, L Yamanouchi and C Ong present the case of a patient presenting for lung cancer surgery, with a clinical condition affecting the efficacy of ultrasound, which influenced


Yoga and meditation reduce chronic pain

A mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) course was found to benefit patients with chronic pain and depression, leading to significant improvement in participant perceptions of pain, mood and functional capacity, according


One-day caudal epiduroplasty using normal saline for failed back surgery syndrome and spinal stenosis – A retrospective study

Rafik Sedra, an advanced pain trainee from Oxford school of anaesthesia, and Dr Pradeep Desai, chronic pain consultant at Wexham Park Hospital, discuss their research – a retrospective study and


13-14 January 2021, Winter Scientific Meeting 2021; Virtual meeting

In January 2021 the Association of Anaesthetists Winter Scientific Meeting (WSM) will be taking place in a new online format. As the UK’s largest annual anaesthetic and peri-operative medicine conference


18-20 May 2021, Anaesthesia 2021; Manchester

From the website: The postponed Anaesthesia 2020 flagship conference returns in May 2021 for three days of what promises, to be a bigger,  must-attend event for the specialty. Now in


3-4 December 2020, RCOA Winter Symposium 2020; Online event

From the website: 2020 has been a year of isolation, uncertainty and hard work: COVID-19 has taken it out of all of us. End the year by joining us at


26 November 2020, Developing world anaesthesia; Online course

Now in its ninth year, the popular Developing World Anaesthesia course will take place online for the first time in November. It is suitable for anyone planning, or even just