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12 October 2018, Ultrasound for Regional Anaesthesia; Oswestry

Programme includes: Lectures and hands-on scanning on live models Morning lectures on sonoanatomy of upper limb and lower limb for regional blockade with videos and clinical applications Afternoon session of


A case of adrenal pheochromocytoma

Anaesthetist Julieta Cervellera Agrelo presents a rare case of adrenal pheochromocytoma in a 53-year-old patient, discovered in a routine test for irritable bowel   Abstract Pheochromocytomas are rare tumours originating


Chronic pain remains the same or gets better after stopping opioid treatment

Stopping long-term opioid treatment does not make chronic, non-cancer-related pain worse and, in some cases, makes it better, Washington State University researchers have found. The research marks a crucial first


Consciousness is partly preserved during general anaesthesia

Finnish researchers have gained new information on brain activity during general anaesthesia by recording changes in the electrical activity of the brain. They discovered that changes in electroencephalogram correlated with


Guiding paediatric vascular access

NICE guidelines for ultrasound-guided placement of central venous lines in adults and children were first issued in the UK in October 2002. Dr James Bennett, Consultant Anaesthetist at Birmingham Children’s


Innovation grant looks at overcoming problems in access to treatments

The first of its kind, the inaugural Brain, Mind and Pain Patient-Centred Innovation Grant will announce its winners today at 13:00 at the Leopold Hotel in Brussels. “The Brain, Mind and Pain


How can patients be protected from post-surgery opioid addiction?

Greater co-ordination is needed between surgeons and physicians about the prescription of pain-relieving opioid drugs following surgery to help identify patients who are at risk of opioid addiction. This is


Pain expectation is pain reality for children

If a child thinks the needle is going to hurt, that expectation ensures it’s going to hurt. That’s the finding of first-of-its-kind research from UC Riverside psychologist Kalina Michalska. For the


Injection may block chemotherapy pain for several weeks

It might be possible to relieve the persistent pain that can follow chemotherapy with a natural protein that blocks the underlying inflammation process in cells. This was the conclusion of


13-15 August 2018, Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival; Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Anaesthesia Festival (EAF) has become the largest Anaesthesia meeting in Scotland with over 1/3 of our delegates travelling from all over the world. The 2018 programme (13-15 August