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Salford Royal deploys paperless anaesthetic records

A new digital system that replaces paper anaesthetic records at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has gone live. Using the GE Healthcare Centricity High Acuity Anaesthesia (CHA-A) Information Management Solution


Fluido® AirGuard Warming System available from CMS

Central Medical Supplies (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of The 37Company’s innovative Fluido AirGuard blood and fluid warmer system. The Fluido AirGuard system combines fluid warming with safety and


New target for chronic pain relief confirmed by scientists

A research group at Hiroshima University observed a potential new target for chronic pain treatment. Further research using this receptor could lead to new, more effective drugs to use in


General anaesthesia for forceps delivery in an obstetric patient with Hermansky Pudlak syndrome

Avinash Aswath and others describe a case study of a pregnant patient with Hermansky Pudlak syndrome (HPS) who had a general anaesthetic for forceps-assisted vaginal delivery    Summary Hermansky Pudlak syndrome


CMS exclusive UK distributor of Fluido Compact

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE   Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS) is the exclusive UK distributor of The 37° Company’s Fluido® Compact blood and fluid warmer. Fluido® Compact is an easy to use,


Poor sleep at night, more pain the next day

After one night of poor sleep, brain activity ramps up in pain-sensing regions while activity is scaled back in areas responsible for modulating how we perceive painful stimuli. This finding, published in JNeurosci,


Positive data for BARHEMSYS™ rescue treatment of post-operative nausea & vomiting

Acacia Pharma Group plc welcomes an editorial published in the peer-reviewed journal Anesthesiology, accompanying the print publication of results from its positive Phase 3 clinical trial of BARHEMSYS™ (intravenous amisulpride) as


Psychologists find that adults take girls’ pain less seriously

Gender stereotypes can hurt children – quite literally. When asked to assess how much pain a child is experiencing based on the observation of identical reactions to a finger-stick, American


Protocol reduces opioid use in spinal surgery patients

A novel “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” (ERAS) protocol developed by Penn Medicine for patients undergoing spinal and peripheral nerve surgery significantly reduced opioid use. A new study published in the Journal


Acacia Pharma announces supportive cardiac safety data BARHEMSYS™

Company news Acacia Pharma Group plc have announced results from its latest study of BARHEMSYS (intravenous amisulpride), its anti-emetic currently under FDA review for the management of post-operative nausea & vomiting