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Medical training takes a mental toll, but less than a decade ago

A 13-year effort to track the mental health of new doctors in their most stressful time of training shows signs that things have got better. But those first-year residents, also


New computer modelling could boost drug discovery

Scientists from Queen’s University Belfast have developed a computer-aided data tool that could improve treatment for a range of illnesses. The computer modelling tool will predict novel sites of binding


Book review: If in Doubt: An Anaesthetist’s Story by Keith Wilkinson

Keith Wilkinson is a consultant anaesthetist, freshly retired, who spent the majority of his career working at Noble Hospital, Isle of Man. Anaesthesia is one of the few specialties where


Non-invasive breathing support for Covid-19 patients isn’t linked to heightened infection risk

CPAP and high-flow nasal oxygen (HFNO) don’t produce more air/surface viral contamination than simple oxygen therapy The use of non-invasive breathing support, commonly known as CPAP or HFNO, to treat


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust streamlines clinical workflow and bolsters patient care as it installs 40 new mobile imaging systems

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) has recently installed a series of new C-arms, interventional imaging, mobile X-ray and ultrasound equipment.  The upgrades form part of over 350 installations scheduled


Smoke inhalation injury: Clinical presentation and management

Sher Mohammad and authors look at smoke inhalation affecting airways, with a brief focus on carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide poisoning   Smoke inhalation injury is a major determinant of


Fluido Irrigation Fluid Warmer available from Central Medical Supplies

Promotional feature The Surgical Company’s Fluido® Irrigation Fluid Warmer is exclusively available in the UK from Central Medical Supplies (CMS). Warming irrigation fluids can reduce the risk of hypothermia, as


New scholarship aims to promote diversity and social mobility in radiology

The winner of a new annual scholarship to promote greater diversity and social mobility in radiology was announced at a BAME leadership event hosted by Hexarad and St George’s University


New spinout Empower Therapeutics sets its sights on reducing pain ‘chronification’

The University of Birmingham, UK, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore have created a new spinout, Empower Therapeutics, to commercialise a simple, reliable electroencephalography (EEG)-based biomarker for pain sensitivity.  The biomarker


Maternal voice reduces pain in premature babies

A team from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in collaboration with the Parini Hospital in Italy and the University of Valle d’Aosta, observed that when the mother spoke to her