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Call for action following latest never events report

The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) is calling for action to be taken after a recent never events report suggests little progress has been made to prevent errors within the


Durability and reliability built into every ultrasound system made

Promotional feature As hospitals and clinics become more analytical about their purchasing decisions, they are starting to evaluate the total cost of ownership of capital equipment, including portable capital equipment,


Could you be the new face of the Association for Perioperative Practice?

Does your perioperative team go above and beyond to encourage good communication and create a positive culture within the operating theatre? Is everyone within the team treated equally and included


Interventions for pain: Finding connections at the surface

New work by a team of Thomas Jefferson University researchers reveals new activity above the surface, in brain-cell receptors that govern learning and chronic pain. In the study, the authors


General anaesthesia in cesarean deliveries increases odds of postpartum depression by 54 per cent

A new study shows that having general anaesthesia in a cesarean delivery is linked with significantly increased odds of severe postpartum depression requiring hospitalisation, thoughts of suicide or self-inflicted injury.


The tale of central venous line: Seldinger’s technique, indications, contraindications and complications

The tale of central venous line On December 29, 1831, William Brooke O’Shaughnessy who was a young medical graduate wrote to The Lancet one of the shortest and yet most