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General anaesthesia hijacks sleep circuitry to knock you out

The discovery of general anaesthesia 170 years ago was a medical miracle, enabling millions of patients to undergo invasive, life-saving surgeries without pain. Yet despite decades of research, scientists still


Smiths Medical launches new Level 1 convective warmer

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, has recently launched Level 1® – a new convective patient warmer. The Level 1 convective warmer is designed to prevent


Anaesthesia sends neurones down the wrong path in unborn rat babies

While there has long been discussion whether exposure to anaesthesia affects brain development, new Rush University Medical Center research published in the journal Cerebral Cortex describes how prenatal anaesthesia in rats seems


Key performance indicators to enhance quality of anaesthetic care with feedback system: A local DGH experience

Dr Neha Singal and Dr Manoj Sharma develop a database for reviewing the quality performance of anaesthetists at the medium-sized district general hospital Luton and Dunstable hospital in the UK.


Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free

A woman in Scotland lives virtually pain-free due to a mutation in a previously-unidentified gene, according to a research paper co-led by UCL. She also experiences very little anxiety and


Fluido® Compact fluid warmer features protective coating

The Association of Anaesthetists [1] recently published a study entitled ‘Aluminium release by coated and uncoated fluid-warming devices’, which highlighted the risk of aluminium absorption from uncoated fluid warming devices. The