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Tramadol at a glance

Tramadol was launched in Germany for the first time in 1977. Currently it is used as an analgesic worldwide. It is synthetic opioid of benzemoid class (due to benzene ring


Improving the efficiency and safety of regional anaesthesia with point-of-care ultrasound

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Ultrasound guidance is proving invaluable for the regional neurosurgical centre at the Salford Royal Hospital, helping to improve safety, save time and enhance the patient experience. Jim Corcoran,


Anaesthesia and surgery during infancy may impact white matter during childhood

General anaesthesia and surgery in otherwise healthy infants under the age of one year old could be associated with decreases in the amount of white matter in the brain, as


30–31 October 2017, Complete ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia education course; Luton

This course is taught by experienced and friendly consultants, based on intensive, small group hands-on training.  Mini lectures complement the practical training with live model scanning and needling practice on


21–22 October 2017; #gashack, London

 #gashack is a hack day, inspired by NHS Hack Day, where anaesthetists and people with heavy-duty IT skills will get together and try and make things. It really is as simple


Filling the gap in ultrasound training

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE FUJIFILM SonoSite continues to lead the way in ultrasound training and education, helping clinicians to develop and maintain their practical skills in a variety of disciplines. Learning a