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Temperature measurement in anaesthetised patients

The disposable liquid crystal thermometer Clinitrend measures temperature at least as well as the non-disposable temporal artery infra-red thermometer Exergen by David Southern, Andrew Campbell, Stella Wright and Jim Turner


EEG – Anaesthesia by numbers

NICE recommended the use of EEG-based depth of anaesthesia monitoring in 2012 and yet less than 2% of anaesthetists in the UK use these devices regularly. Sam McCaffery investigates why


CADD ambulatory infusion systems – safe, simple and smart

Smiths Medical’s CADD Ambulatory Infusion smart pumps safely deliver medication to patients in hospital or at home. The pumps are used to deliver medication while allowing the patient to be


BIS monitors and EEG – The sound of anaesthesia

With BIS monitors coming under increasing scrutiny from the anaesthesia community, Josh Stephenson spoke to the developers of the electroencephalophone about transforming EEG signals into soundwaves, the development of new


New hope for patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Researchers at the University of Liverpool have shown for the first time that the majority of patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a severe post-traumatic pain condition in the