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Opiate dependence and pain relief

Identifying the specific pathways that promote opioid addiction, pain relief, and tolerance are crucial for developing more effective and less dangerous analgesics, as well as developing new treatments for addiction.


Comparing labour analgesia

Findings suggest that remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia is not equivalent to epidural analgesia for pain, pain appreciation scores, and overall satisfaction in women who request for pain relief during labour. Remifentanil


Is sedation before a nerve block just an unnecessary expense?

New research suggests that sedating patients before a nerve block needed to diagnose or treat chronic pain increases costs, risks and unnecessary surgeries, and sedation does nothing to increase patient


Local anaesthesia for breast cancer surgery

Anaesthetists using a regional technique can improve the quality and speed of recovery for breast cancer surgery patients, according to a new study. The study, from researchers at St Michael’s


Knee replacement surgery: standing up for regional anaesthesia

Two types of regional anaesthesia do not make patients more prone to falls in the first days after having knee replacement surgery as some have previously suggested, says a new