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AAGBI Annual Congress (18-20 Sept 2013)

The AAGBI Annual Congress, held at The Convention Centre Dublin, is a great setting for you not only to gain from the experience and advice of your peers, but also


Managing pain and other medically proven uses of acupuncture

Tweet This issue’s review was kindly written by Dr James F Peerless, anaesthetics registrar, William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.   In Western medicine, the use of alternative therapies, such as


Starting (and not stopping) resuscitation

One of the most difficult moments faced by anaesthetists and other healthcare staff is when to carry on attempts to resuscitate a person, and when those efforts should reasonably stop.


Declaring death

The criteria used to diagnose both circulatory and brain death in a patient are subject to variability and as such can be controversial. “Before the technological advances of the last


Neuron age matters

As paediatric specialists become increasingly aware that surgical anaesthesia may have lasting effects on the developing brains of young children, new research suggests the threat may also apply to adult


Anaesthesia and dementia

Exposure to general anaesthesia increases the risk of dementia in the elderly by 35 percent, says new research presented at Euroanaesthesia. Postoperative cognitive dysfunction, or POCD, could be associated with


CQC wistleblower awarded

Mid Staffs whistleblower Amanda Pollard was recognised at an international whistleblowing conference, receiving an award for her part in exposing negligent inspection methods within the Care Quality Commission. The former


European Patient Safety Foundation launched

A major new initiative for patient safety in Europe, the new European Patient Safety Foundation, was launched by Professor Eberhard Kochs, President of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) during


Need for safe emergency anaesthesia

There is an increasing need for safe emergency anaesthesia as cases of emergency caesarean section (CS) continue to rise, say experts speaking at Euroanaesthesia, the ESA’s annual congress. Dr Geraldine


Sleep apnoea in surgery

Although as many as 25 percent of patients undergoing surgery suffer from sleep apnoea, few hospitals have policies to help manage the risks of this condition during surgery, and there