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London Pain Clinic founder recognised for treating pain from the core

Dr Chris Jenner, founder of the London Pain Clinic, has been featured in the Tatler Doctors Guide 2013, collating Britain’s top 250 consultants by speciality, in the Pain Specialists category.


Stop time on chronic pain

Researchers have developed a way to delay the rise of neuropathic pain, a chronic form of pain that arises from flawed signals transmitted by damaged nerves, using tiny spheres filled


Sepsis susceptibility

Variations in what is called the NFκB gene could play an important role in helping to determine the survival rate of patients who acquire sepsis, the leading cause of death


Bleeding heart surgery

Human fibrinogen concentrate restores clotting ability and can significantly reduce the need for blood transfusion when given as an intra-operative, targeted first-line haemostatic therapy in bleeding patients undergoing aortic replacement